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100% NZ made and owned. 100% Eco friendly. 100% Non toxic.

Our stunning trays are perfect for any and all open ended activities. We love ours for potion play of course, play dough, sensory play or some where special to keep your loved treasures. 

This tray can help with building fine motor skills, encourage creative & imaginative play, hours of entertainment through sensory play and could even be used at snack time as it is 100% food safe! 

Our eco trays are designed and made in Aoeteroa. They have been taken to the next level by being made out of an Incredible renewable resource which is a plant based bio plastic made from corn starch, sugarcane or topioca root making them eco friendly, biodegradable and non toxic. 

these trays can last for many years of cared for correctly. Be sure to hand wash in cooler water and dry them immediately after use to prevent warping and moisture absorption. It is important to remember if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods this will cause damage the natural materials used to make this tray and will shorten their lifespan. DO NOT put in the dishwasher!  Store this tray in a cool dry place when not in use. Recommended for age 3+. Always use under adult supervision. Not for use as a teething’s or chew toy. 

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