Amelia, Potion Maker

My name is Amelia and here's my two little loves, the little girls who saved my life. The day I gave birth actually rebirthed me, the real me! It has been a bit of a  roller coaster for me leading up to them and I’ve been on my biggest journey yet ever since.

In the same moments I become a māmā somewhere in the mix of beautiful chaos birthed the idea and philosophy behind this business.

Everything we do here has a deep connection to strong beliefs we hold as a whanau and with every single detail comes a deeper meaning, all our box sets are carefully thought out even right down to the numbers in each card,
potion ingredient, launch dates etc. it all holds significance to us and our loved ones.

One of those strong beliefs are that children should be wild and free to explore their curiosities. With hours of open
ended play to spark their imaginations and creativity with organic and open ended products.
We strive to create a calm and safe space to slow your little ones down to having a mindful experience, all the while having tons of fun!


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