Magic peony surprise



Play simply bloom wildly

Ignite special powers all the way from our magical realm in the glistening gardens with this fizzing, bubbling & foaming magic. 

This is a great free play addition to any sensory play and mud kitchen fun! with no rules you cannot go wrong and open up a world of endless play. This play learning experience will open up a world of wonder, a mind filled with imagination and magic with a spark of science. Simply just add water 

Inside each peony is lightly scented and is made with 100% natural eco friendly ingredients with a hint of magic.These each have a magical surprise hidden inside just for you to have as keepsake that some believe hold powerful energy's of positivity and protection but most of all it will hold memories of the magic you created in this play 

This listing is for one fizzing peony, It is approximate 8cm in diameter 

Just an idea..
You could incorporate our ‘swirling liquid potion concentrates’ for an extra wow effect to your play. Add in your own nature finds, gems/stones, flowers and much more for different textures and extend play.


Although the recipe we have created to make this magic is made with 100% natural ingredients we still recommend adult supervision and this product is NOT for consumption.The ingredients may cause irritation to small cuts on children. Contains small parts that are a choking hazard. Parental supervision is required. 

Please be sure to check out our customer care and our social platforms for more care information   

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