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Biodegradable water beads are all the colours of the beautiful moana (ocean)

This unique sensory base is a wonderful experience for your little's to learn about new textures as these are squishy, slimey, wet and tonnes of fun!

These sensory beads are Non-toxic, biodegradable little balls of calm. they are an excellent mindful tool to use in calming jars/bottles. You can add them into just about any play learning invitation. Great for fine motor skills in strengthening little fingers and hands, development of hand eye coordination, unique ingredient in mud kitchens and pretend cooking, colour sorting, counting and teeny outside bouncy ball fun (my children love this one)

Our water beads come in a reusable 40 ml bottle which makes hundreds of beads 

how to use water beads?

Simply place your beads into a bowl or container (see through works a treat so your little ones can watch them grow over time) and cover with water. Warm water tends to 'grow' them faster but be patient and they will grow approx 200 times there original size over a few hours-half a day. 

once grown you can drain away access water and away you go for endless amounts of FUN! 

after play you can pop them in the sun and they will shrink back to original size for you to reuse over and over.

WARNING! Strict adult supervision. Choking hazard

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