Play dough roller



Our pine rollers are perfect for little hands to roll out or beautifully handcrafted play dough. They work well will clay and other sensory bases .

Made from sustainably sourced NZ pine. These rollers are entirely handmade by our team in house here in Aotearoa. They are approximately 15cm long.

Recommened for ages 3+, use under adult supervision. Not recommended for teething children

Care Instructions 

we recommend polishing/oiling your rollers every 6-12 months. After play give a gentle wipe clean, dry then oil. Please do not store in a damp dark place as they may be exposed to mould. We polish/oil all our wooden toys with a specail beeswax wood balm blend we have made for our brand, you could use something similar or a tung or linseed oil works great to. 

Cleaning and care tips futher are found on our drop down menu or on our instagram highlights 

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