Handcrafted Dough




Our handcrafted dough is lovingly made by a local business, Dough Story. Our Dough is made from food grade ingredients so completely safe if your little one decides to have a nibble, although unfortunately it doesn't taste as good as it smells.

Our Dough is available in three different options;

  • Glistening Gardens; a rose scented marbled dough
  • Bee Kind; a vanilla honey scented yellow dough
  • Living Upon a Unicorn; a lolly scented marbled dough
  • Candy Cane Swirl; a peppermint scented red & white swirled dough
  • Hocus Pocus; a sweet scented orange, purple and pink swirled dough
  • Hot x Choc Bomb; a Chocolate scented, brown and white swirled dough


  • If your dough starts to dry up, knead a few drops of any oil back in to soften
  • When your dough is to far gone, add in some water and it will turn into slime
  • If it gets to warm and try’s to separate you can knead a small amount of flour in until your happy with the consistency

Our ingredients are eco friendly and non toxic. All products are NOT for consumption 

We encourage adult support/ supervision while in play with this set to help with understanding, imagination and reading. 

This set contains small parts which may be a choking hazard for children under age 3

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