Frequently Asked Questions

What country are you in?

We are based in New Zealand. All kits and products are made and packed from our Nelson base. We source our dough from a local business, Dough Story.

How long before my order is shipped?

All our kit ingredients are hand-made, so for in stock products, turnaround time is usually 5 business days for making, processing and packaging your order before shipping, although this may be extended during busy periods or after new product launches. Shipping details will be sent after your order has been completed, please allow up to 24 hours for your tracking to become available. Unfortunately we cannot control shipping delays once your package has been handed over to the courier but please contact us if you haven't received your order within a reasonable time-frame and we will chase this up with our courier company.

Pre-order products turnaround time is usually 14 business days however please be advised this may be extended depending on shipping delays.

What is a mindful magic box?

These are the full experience, a mix of a little bit of everything we offer. Each box will have a full potion set,  jar of handcrafted dough, 4 piece wooden stamp set and a set of beautifully illustrated watercolour cards. Mindful magic boxes are designed for your little ones to create space to slow down and to be mindful. They are designed to help empower children through a magical play experience, learn to deal with emotions and to overcome any fears or difficulties they are going through. Depending on the theme of the box, each set includes a range of different cards containing affirmations, storytelling, fun facts and educational information. 

What age are your products suited to?

Our potion and loose part products are designed for ages 3+. Depending on the child, some children may need adult supervision or support with reading, understanding and guiding their imagination. There is no age limit on potion play, we know many adults who also enjoy getting in on the fun! Most of our products contain small parts which may be a choking hazard for children under the age of 3. Please take care around small children. Our dough and stamper sets can be used for younger children with adult supervision.

Are your potions/dough non-toxic?

Due to the nature of working with small children, we've made sure all our potions are made with non-toxic ingredients, things that you will find in the pantry or in nature so are completely kid safe. Our dough is made from food grade ingredients so while it's not intended to be consumable, it is harmless if your child accidentally nibbles a piece. Even our glitter is made from plants so completely biodegradable.

How much play can you get from a Potion set?

It completely depends on your child. For younger children or even older children who are heavy handed, we recommend distributing smaller amounts of the potions into other vessels for play to get the most out of your kit. Adding extra water to our liquid potions can also easily increase the volume for more play. Our sets come with potion recipe cards that are designed so you can have multiple magical experiences from the one potion set.

What should I do with my Dough/Potions when we've finished playing?

Once you've finished playing with your Dough, make sure you put back in the jar and screw the lid tight. If you need to dispose of your dough, you can compost it in the garden and then re-use or recycle the jar. Potions can be bottled up to re-use as you can freeze them for future play. To dispose of your potions simply pour them down the sink or in the garden, the potions and bio-glitter are non-toxic and completely biodegradable so are safe for the environment. We do however recommend pouring them onto grass or into compost rather than directly over plants.

Do you ship internationally?

Please contact us at so we can see if we can help.


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