Eco flubber powder - slime




E C O  F L U B B E R  S L I M E 

Our slimy flubber is created with 100% organic ingredients. It is coloured & made completely with natural ingredients which makes it safe to return it to nature after you have finished with it.

It has a silk like appearance, snotty slimy oozy texture and is hours worth of endless fun 

Our flubber comes in four spooky colour ways, fa-boolous for Halloween theme play

🎃 pumpkin pie - yellow orange
👻 monster mash - green 
🧙‍♀️ after dark - grey black 
🧛‍♀️ vampire blood -red 

Our compostable flubber comes in powder form, a great activity for your little one to cook up their very own sensory base. It just requires 3 cups of water. 

To make: 

- Simply pour packet contents into a microwave safe bowl or pot 

- Add three cups of water & give it a good stir 

- Pop in the microwave for 5-8 minutes or heat on stove top 

- Allow one hour minimum to cool (this play base gets extremely HOT and holds heat well) be sure to test out the temperature before letting your child go crazy in play 



Due to the natural colourants please be mindful this product may stain surfaces if left for periods of time. Please take care once product has been made has it holds it heat, parental supervision is a MUST. This product is NOT for consumption. Once finished in play you can discard in your compost 

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