Christmas Magic Parent Pack



This pack includes three stencils made from recycled MDF. These are to use around your home while your children are fast asleep! 

Simply sprinkle over flour, baby powder or our bio glitter and/or our dream a little winter (instant snow) to blow your children’s imagination when they wake in the morning to find Santa and his pals have been sneaking around their house.

  • Santa’s Boots-You could use these leading through the door where you left your magical key, under the tree or perhaps by the treats you may have left out for him. 
  • Reindeer Hoof-You could use this around the area you sprinkled the reindeer food.
  • Elf boots-These could be anywhere as the cheeky elf’s are quite sneaky. Do you leave the elves out snacks? Or perhaps under the tree by the gifts.

SKU: 10000-32

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