Glistening Gardens Mindful Box



This box set includes great mindful activities to help grow children’s minds strong, emotional
support and fantastic life skills.

This play helps build children’s imaginations, creativity, their belief in magic and most importantly themselves. Themed around the enchanted glistening gardens of magical fairies, this set is filled with spells and affirmations to help your little one attract and invite fairies out to play, to be grateful like the garden fairies and  to create a peace preserving bubble around you to protect you heart and mind and spirit from any negativity. Your child will have fun learning the 21 facts of the fairy folk and getting creative with out ‘diy’ fairy door

This box includes
🧚🏼1x crystal
🧚🏼1x handcrafted play dough
🧚🏼 1x collectable card
🧚🏼 1x potion set
🧚🏼4x stamps
🧚🏼1x crystal confetti (reusable glitter)
🧚🏼1x pack of cards - spells, 21 facts and affirmations
🧚🏼 1x design your own fairy door

Our ingredients are eco friendly and non toxic. All products are NOT for consumption 

We encourage adult support/ supervision while in play with this set to help with understanding, imagination and reading. 

This set contains small parts which may be a choking hazard for children under age 3

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